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Tuesday Tips?

You may have noticed that I haven’t done a Tuesday Tip post for a while. It’s partly because I’ve been pretty busy with other priorities, and partly because I ran out of tips! That’s right, I’m trying to think of a useful tip for everyone but nothing comes to mind. So, if you’ve got any ideas for me or questions that you’d like me to address in Tuesday Tips, please ask. If I can answer it, I will! What do you want to know about photography or Photoshop? Send me an email:, or jump over in the “Contact me” section of the menu and fill out the nifty questionnaire. Your question(s) can be photography related or strictly Photoshop, whatever! In the meantime, and when I don’t have any “tips” for you, I will just call my (hit-and-miss) before & after weekly post “Tuesday Tricks”, so that it’s a more accurate description of the content inside.

Photoshop is a remarkable tool and frankly, I love working inside of it. My first experience with Photoshop was in high school when I got my hands on an Adobe Photoshop Business addition. This version was even pre-Elements, people (I believe). I don’t think it even had a clone tool. We used it in a business class to design Publishing materials for assignments, but in my spare time I LOVED playing with it. For example, I went to a “date” dance with a boy I really crushed on. Before the dance my mom took a picture of us standing together with our arms linked. As was typical for most high school relationships (of mine) it didn’t last, but I was still fond of the picture of myself with my fancy dress and hair all done up. So, I digitally cut him out and painted myself a new arm. Presto! I was hooked on Photoshop and have always appreciated the possibilities it opens up when working with photography. If I ever find that picture I promise to post it. (That’s a safe promise because I have no idea where to even look.)

Here is a darling little buddy of mine whom we like to call “A-train”. His momma is my dear sister, and his dad… I like him too, hehe. “A-train” will be three years old next month and is so full of spunk and personality. For example, when he gets super angry he yells “ROAR!”, literally saying the word “roar” at the top of his lungs. (Usually he gets angry because this cousin takes a toy he wants or teases him in some way.) I think this is so creative and love when he “Roars” even if his parents don’t. (Oh, and sorry that it’s usually my child who is causing the roaring.) He is an awesome nephew, and adds much love and joy to our extended family! These pictures were taken when we went outside for a break from a photo shoot we were working on with his new baby brother. Once I was home and opened these up in Photoshop, I was thrilled to discover how much color we really found outside in December, when these were taken. Enjoy, and don’t forget to send me your questions!

January 24, 2011 - 2:39 pm

Digital Paradise - This is such a beautiful edit. Waht did you do to make this so vibrant?

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