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Marti Bridals

Marti and Bryce had a beautiful wedding last weekend, but I had to wait to post any bridals since Bryce couldn’t see her in her dress until the wedding day. And just in case he was tempted to get a sneak peek via photo blog– well, we decided to be safe. More wedding to come! Marti is an angel and was so sweet and beautiful to photograph. It was such a hot, muggy evening when we did these, but she hung in there with me! I love them all, which is why I had to post so many. This bride is stunning, is she not?

Marti’s sister, Kristi, came along to lend her expert assistance… like keeping this photographer from falling through a folding chair while trying to get a shot! Thanks Kristi, wink! You are now a dear friend to me. That’s one of the best benefits of being a photographer- meeting awesome people. This session had more of a girls-night-out feel than a formal photo shoot. I’ll always remember running alongside Kristi through a pasture with a cup full of oats, desperately trying to coax a couple of snobbish horses to pose in a picture with Marti. We found out later that the beautiful mares were actually mean racing horses, and we were fortunate they didn’t want to socialize! See what fun you can have with a camera and a wedding dress?

Seriously though, the more I’ve come to know Marti and her family, the more I love them (which is a good thing, as Marti is now my sister-in-law!)

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