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Glamorous ~ Elizabeth

Every woman should have a beautiful photo of herself that she loves. One that she can look at and say, “Wow, I look awesome!”
I find joy in photography when I can help people to recognize the beauty in and on themselves. Often toward the middle or the end of a session I’ll turn the camera around, showing the photograph-ee the LCD monitor and say, “Look at what we’re getting so far! These are going to be amazing!” I feel such a rush of happiness when they take that first glimpse of their photos. Lots of times their faces light up and I hear a surprised “That’s me??” That’s all part of why I love what I do so much. Photography is so much more than pointing a camera and “pushing the button”. It is recognizing what is naturally beautiful and then enhancing it– through lighting, creative posing, camera control and editing. If you love taking pictures, start shooting and don’t quit until you’re satisfied. It’s a learning process that never ends!

Beautiful Liz is a Lia Sophia adviser. She loves fashion and of course, jewelry! I knew she would be super fun to photograph because she is comfortable in her own skin and was super excited about doing this session. I love the drama in many of these!

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