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el Luchador (the wrestler)

So you may not know this about my family, but our favorite show EVER is Nacho Libre. We can quote it like nobody’s business. As my Dad says, “You know you’ve watched a movie too many times when your family becomes the bonus features.” Haha! My brother Jake is on an LDS Mission in Texas and sent us these awesome luchador masks. OF COURSE it called for a photo shoot! Now, how to get my boys to take off their shirts in February and run around outside in costume? The answer presented itself last week after school when they came home begging me for a root-beer from our company pop machine. I don’t give my kids soda much at all and originally told them no. They begged, and a light bulb went off as I remembered I needed something from them. I said, “You can share one if you PROMISE to do something for me.” They agreed to my terms, so the next day I took them out to the field behind our house and within seven minutes (because it was freezing cold and almost snowing) captured some of my favorite photos.  Ever. (Cue “Religious Man” theme song…)

PS Happy Anniversary to me and my hubby today! Best 9 years of my life, woot woot!!

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