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  • Welcome! My name is Amber Prior…

    ... and here are some fun facts about me: I've been 5'11" tall since eighth grade. I am a bit of a nerd; I love listening to long audio books (Brandon Sandersen is my current fave!) while I clean the house. I wear glasses when I can't stand my contacts any longer. Believe it or not, I married a total hunk who is my best friend. We have four beautiful children together: two boys and two girls. We are a full-time homeschooling, part-time traveling crazy little group of musical gypsies. Oh, and I happen to be a photographer on the side.

    This blog is where I record my photographic pursuits. My obsession with cameras has taken a back seat to teaching and raising our family, but I still dabble with professional work once in a while. I specialize in natural-light portraiture. I love shooting outdoors and am always on the lookout for the best lighting combined with the perfect location. Contact me for availability and pricing.

Explanations, and a new direction

It feels nice to finally put up another blog post! I’ve been missing for the past couple of months, for lots of reasons… the biggest one being that we get to welcome another one of these babes into our home at the end of spring! We went in for an early ultrasound and discovered we’re having a GIRL. I’m so so SO thrilled that my little E gets to have a sister!

I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating my photography business and the direction I see it taking. For now I will just say that I’m not booking any client sessions for 2013, so that I can keep a handle on my sweet and crazy life. I will continue to post projects and images that I’d like to share here on my blog, so you’re welcome to jump back anytime to check on me and see what I’m up to. Don’t give up though- I will never put my camera down for good! This is a session I did with my good friend Jamey Norris last summer. I will always cherish photos of my children- they are the most precious tangible possession I have! I always want to remember their innocent expressions and toothy smiles at this stage of life.

Jamey - December 29, 2012 - 4:43 pm

These are gorgeous!!! You’re kids are all so adorable and so so sweet!! And I’m so excited for you to have another baby girl!! Congrats!!

Lori - January 2, 2013 - 11:11 pm

That is so exciting!! Congratulations!!

Urban Cowgirl {Part 2}

I’ve had this post as a draft all weekend, without being able to click “publish”! Sometimes I struggle with what to write on my blog. Oh well, I figure that these pictures can speak for themselves!  The evening we headed out to Jaycee’s feed lot where their horses are kept was simply amazing. I love the misty way the light came through the trees- and the pasture was just sublime. I love trying new techniques when I’m shooting individuals, such as HS seniors. It’s so fun to switch it up with camera focus and posing, too. We can definitely go for a more artistic approach in your session if that is what you like.  {Part I is here.}

Jamey - October 4, 2012 - 3:43 pm

These are stunning Amber!!!

Hinged Albums

I just got this album back from the printer, and I’m in love. This is {one of the} reasons I became a photographer: to create heirlooms to share with friends and family (especially grandparents) who love my children almost as much as I do. They are a great way to display your family photos when company is coming over (discreetly leave it lying on the coffee table, wink!) Or, surprise your in-laws with a fabulous gift! I love bringing these along to viewing sessions for clients to see hands-on how amazing these albums are. The binding is “hinged”, meaning that the pages lie flat when you open the book. The print quality is outstanding. I had this album made with a matte, custom photo cover. The pages were press-printed on luster paper, but there are so many options to choose from that I have another album project already in mind! Thanks to Andee Tate from Crave Photography Design for creating this versatile template!.